4 Tips for Planning an Affordable Fort Lauderdale Cremation

Planning a Fort Lauderdale cremation is far more affordable than the average funeral and traditional burial. Still, it’s possible to plan an affordable Fort Lauderdale cremation or to arrange an extravagant cremation that costs as much as a funeral and burial. If cremation cost is a consideration for your family, these tips help you control your costs and plan an affordable Fort Lauderdale cremation:

1. Plan a Direct Cremation

The best way to reduce your Fort Lauderdale cremation costs is to preplan a direct cremation. When you arrange a direct cremation, you forego the viewing or additional services – the remains proceed “directly” to cremation. This eliminates unnecessary costs such as embalming, fees for the facility to view the remains, or staff fees to have a funeral professional at the viewing. You can still plan a memorial service for a later time, but eliminating the viewing and related services is a simple way to keep your Fort Lauderdale cremation costs down.

2. Scatter the Remains or Inter Them at Home

Columbarium interment in a cemetery or church is typically more affordable than traditional burial, but can still cost thousands of dollars for columbarium interment in some locations. Instead of having the remains interred, scatter your loved one’s remains, or even keep them at home, to save costs. Scattering on private property costs you nothing – you just need the permission of the landowner.

Alternately, scatter your loved one’s remains at sea after a Fort Lauderdale cremation. This entails the cost of chartering a boat or paying for a scattering at sea service, but is more affordable than columbarium interment.

3. Pre-Plan Your Fort Lauderdale Cremation

Further reduce your Fort Lauderdale cremation costs by pre-planning your cremation. When you pre-plan, you select only the most important services, and your family won’t find themselves emotionally overspending in their time of loss. Some cremation providers let you pre-pay for your Fort Lauderdale cremation, giving you the ability to lock-in today’s cremation costs, potentially saving your family hundreds or thousands of dollars as cremation costs rise in the future. Pre-paying for your cremation also gives you an opportunity to pay on your own schedule, when you have the money for it – instead of forcing your family to come up with money on short notice when you pass.

4. Be Flexible with Your Cremation Arrangements

The best thing you can do to save cremation costs when you plan your cremation is to be flexible with your cremation arrangements. More and more people are choosing cremation because it’s flexible, and being flexible with your arrangements gives you the ability to shop around for the right cremation provider, make decisions about what services you actually need, and hold a memorial at a time that’s convenient for you – potentially months down the road when things have settled. Embrace the flexibility that cremation provides, and you’ll gain all of the benefits of an affordable Fort Lauderdale cremation.

Is Final Expense Insurance Right for You?

With more and more people pre-planning their end-of-life services, final expense insurance policies have gained exposure and become a more popular option. Individuals who want to spare their families the costs of paying for final services, such as a funeral, cremation, memorial service, or other end-of-life costs, may purchase a final expense policy to cover these potentially costly services. If you’re thinking about end-of-life planning, consider whether final expense insurance should be a part of your plan.

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cover?

Final expense insurance is intended to cover the costs associated with your end-of-life rites. A final expense policy pays for:

  • Funeral service
  • Casket
  • Burial plot
  • Cremation
  • Urn
  • Preparing the remains
  • A wake
  • Limousines for the families
  • Flowers

How Mausoleum Size and Intricacy Relates to Price

Considering a mausoleum? Mausoleum price is calculated based on a wide variety of factors. Private mausoleum styles are one factor in calculating the price, but other important considerations include the size of the mausoleum and the intricacy of its design. Size obviously increases the mausoleum cost in terms of a higher cost of materials, but some families might be surprised at how construction costs behave in larger mausoleums. The more important factor in determining mausoleum cost is the intricacy of the design – the intricate embellishments play an important role in cost.

Mausoleum Size Dictates the Cost of Materials
Mausoleum size obviously dictates the cost of the materials. More granite, or larger pieces of granite, cost more, thus increasing the cost of the mausoleum. Larger options also have higher mausoleum construction costs, but the increase in construction cost isn’t necessarily a proportional relationship to scale.

Beyond the base construction price, adding size impacts the material cost substantially, but may only make a small impact on construction price. It really varies depending on whether the mausoleum scale dictates specialized construction techniques or other deviations that add to the construction cost.

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Who can Arrange a Funeral or Cremation in Texas?

For the purposes of arranging a funeral or cremation in Texas, state law makes no differentiation between persons who can legally authorize cremation and persons who can legally authorize a funeral. The section of Texas state law that governs who is authorized to arrange a funeral or cremation is Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 711.002 – Disposition of Remains.

Who can Authorize Funerals or Cremations in Texas?
The individuals who can arrange a funeral or cremation in Austin, or anywhere in Texas, are, in order of priority:

  • A person designated in a written instrument that the decedent has signed;
  • The surviving spouse;
  • Any of the decedent’s surviving adult children;
  • The decedent’s surviving parents;
  • Surviving adult siblings;
  • An adult person who is next of kin according to Texas inheritance laws.
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Who can Authorize Cremation in Pennsylvania?

Who can authorize cremation in Pennsylvania is governed by Pennsylvania state law. The portion of the law that pertains to who Pennsylvania cremation authorization is Title 20, Chapter 3, 305 – Right to dispose of a decedent’s remains.

The Spouse can Authorize Pennsylvania Cremation
Pennsylvania state law gives the surviving spouse the sole authority pertaining to the disposition of remains of the decedent. The spouse can authorize cremation in Pennsylvania unless there’s evidence of enduring estrangement, incompetence, contrary intent or a waver and agreement.

Next of Kin Gets Next Say in Pennsylvania Cremation Authorization
If there is no surviving spouse, or if the surviving spouse is void from authorizing cremation due to the provisions set forth pertaining to spousal authorization, the next of kin has authority in all matters pertaining to the disposition of the remains.

The Statement of Contrary Intent
The “statement of contrary intent” referred to in this section of Pennsylvania law refers to the citizen’s ability to override the usual authority granted by state law, and instead designate whom he wants to have control of the disposition of his remains. This means that while Pennsylvania state law typically gives the spouse, and then the next of kin, authority to arrange cremation – the decedent himself can make a statement designating a different individual to have authority over his remains. The statement of contrary intent shall have priority over typical state law governing cremation authorization.

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Funeral Services in Illinois

Veterans Services Overview

Kuratko-Nosek Funeral Home is proud to offer funeral services for veterans who have played a vital role in protecting our nation’s freedom. Families who are looking for North Riverside veteran funeral services choose from special packages that include features and tributes designed to honor the veteran’s service. Kuratko-Nosek Funeral Home completes all applications for benefits that veterans or their families are entitled to, including:

  • A flag,
  • Burial in a national veteran’s cemetery,
  • A grave marker, and
  • Military honors at the graveside.

A North Riverside veteran’s funeral may be eligible for monetary allowances toward burial expenses under certain circumstances. Contact Kuratko-Nosek Funeral Home to plan a veteran funeral service.

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Funeral and Cremation Services in North Riverside, IL

Residents of North Riverside, Illinois have been turning to Kuratko-Nosek Funeral Home for caring and compassionate services for over 100 years. Formerly Kuratko Funeral Home, this North Riverside family-run funeral home has been in the Nosek family for five generations. Because the Nosek family is local, individuals and families who choose Kuratko-Nosek for funeral or cremation services have the peace of mind of working with people who have been a part of the community for generations. Find out what a local, family-owned business has to offer that a corporate funeral home simply can’t provide.

Local Funeral Services
Kuratko-Nosek Funeral Home has been providing funeral services to North Riverside and surrounding communities for over 100 years. Services include:

Traditional North Riverside Funeral Service

The traditional Kuratko-Nosek funeral service consists:

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Where is the Best Place to Scatter Remains?

When families choose cremation, selecting a location to scatter the remains is a compelling issue. Finding the perfect final resting place for the deceased can feel like a daunting task. Should it be near home, or maybe in a beautiful landscape somewhere? Ultimately, most families select someplace meaningful to their lost loved ones. In some cases, families opt to go with a grand gesture to say a final farewell to their loved ones.

Select Someplace Special to the Deceased
One of the most common strategies for picking a place to scatter the remains is to select somewhere that was meaningful to the deceased. Was there a certain place the deceased liked to spend time? A special destination where the loved one felt at peace, or liked to go to get away? Or maybe the special spot was right at home, in the back yard or at a nearby park? With the permission of the property owner, families can scatter the remains of their loved ones in any of these special places.

Special Places to Scatter Remains from Around the Country
The other common theme in scattering cremated remains involves grand gestures. Some families prefer to scatter remains in a unique way as a gesture of farewell and remembrance of the lost loved one. A few of these special places from around the country include:

  • In Minnesota cremations, families scatter cremated remains in The Grand Rounds or the Chain of Lakes located in the Grand Rounds;
  • In Phoenix cremations, families have the option of scattering cremated remains through aerial scattering from something like The Phoenix Flight;
  • In Fort Lauderdale cremations, many choose to scatter ashes at sea.
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Philadelphia Cremation FAQ: What to Do with the Ashes

Families grapple with what to do with cremated remains after choosing cremations in Philadelphia. One study found that one-third of the people who receive cremated remains bury them; one-third keeps them; and the final third scatters them. Families should evaluate their options and select the method of disposition that best represents what the deceased would want, as well as what would bring the most peace and closure to the grieving family.

Burying Cremated Remains in Philadelphia

Roughly one-third of the people who select cremation bury the cremated remains of their loved ones. Many resources exist for individuals in Philadelphia to bury cremated remains. In the Greater Philadelphia area, many cemeteries offer interment for urns or cremated remains. Families may also inter remains in a columbarium, or even something like a scenic urn garden. Burial of cremated remains may be as simple or ornate as the family desires, and this option offers a variety of ways to memorialize the deceased.

For burial on private property, families must check local codes. In many townships or municipalities, cremated remains may be buried on private property with the permission of the landowner. Some areas have rules and regulations that govern burial of remains on private property, though, so it’s important to check local laws.

Cremation Statistics

Cremation rates, representing the percent of people who choose cremation for final needs, have risen year to year since the 1980′s. Over the last 30-some years, the cremation rate has gone from under 10% to over 40%. Experts predict that the rate of cremation in the United States will hit 50% by 2017 or 2018.

While the national rate for cremation in the United States was 42% in 2011, state and regional rates varied drastically. Pacific and Mountain states have cremation rates exceeding 60%. In other words, for every 100 people that died in a Pacific state, more than 60 chose cremation for final needs. By comparison, the rate in South Central states is under 30%. Lowest cremation rates are found in the East South Central States, like Mississippi, with a rate of 23%.

Why such disparate cremation rates across the United States? A leading factor in the rise of cremation is the cost savings as cremation costs substantially less than a funeral and burial, or even burial alone. One might predict, then, that cremation will be more popular in states with lower income residents. Yet the 2011 median income of a California household, where cremation rates exceed 60%, is $57,287. Alternatively, Mississippi has one of the lowest cremation rates and the 2011 median income is just $36,919. Certainly, other factors are at play including cultural and religious differences. Perhaps an area’s devotion to environmental causes is more substantially at play. Or, perhaps, it’s a reason not often measured by the experts, like peer pressure. Perhaps cremation rates in a given region are directly affected by the sales and marketing techniques of funeral homes and crematories.