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    In Life and Death: Pet Cremation Lets Owners Pamper Loved Ones

In Life and Death: Pet Cremation Lets Owners Pamper Loved Ones

Humans have long maintained a special relationship with animals. We’ve put some animals to work and domesticated others and invited them to live in our houses. We regularly treat out pets as if they’re a part of the family, letting them sleep in our beds, dressing them in silly outfits, and even feeding them better food than we feed ourselves. Where we go, so too go our pets, even into the afterlife. As what some see as a natural extension, pet cremation has become an option for those looking to memorialize their pet after their death.

Just as it is with traditional cremation, pet-owners can choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones or cherish them in a hand-picked urn. This rapidly growing market is catching the attention of national funeral providers and has even spurred the creation of a worldwide accreditation program for those companies which offer pet cremation as a service.
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5 Tips for a Greener Cremation

Cremation is now the preferred end-of-life option for many individuals across North America for a variety of reasons. One big reason is that cremation has less of an environmental impact than traditional burial, making it a popular choice with those seeking to reduce their ecological footprint.

While a standard cremation service, which eliminates the need for embalming, caskets, land for a burial plot, or headstones, is considered a green alternative to burial, the practice still has a minimal impact on the environment. The energy required for cremation as well as a facility’s emissions has led to researchers exploring new technologies like alkaline hydrolysis, a new cremation method that returns the body to a liquid state. The technology is still new, however, and in the meantime, individuals who must consider end-of-life services rely on the current heat-based process of cremation.

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Houstonites Seek Green Options for the Afterlife

The saying “Everything Is Bigger In Texas” certainly holds true for the city of Houston. As the state’s largest city, Houston has approximately 2.2 million citizens, according to the most recent census figures. With millions of Houston residents eventually needing to secure a final resting place, more people are turning to cremation and greener alternatives to burial.

In a major metropolis like Houston, burial costs are rising as burial plots in cemeteries reach full capacity. As a result, cremation has been gradually and steadily gaining acceptance among individuals planning end-of-life services.

Traditional burial costs include the cost of a cemetery plot, coffins, headstones, fees for memorials and graveside services, and other assorted expenses. Cremation offers a lower cost and provides a considerably greener option. A direct cremation does not require the deceased to be embalmed with the caustic concoction of chemicals that, after burial, seep into the earth.

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New Study Shows 4 in 10 Americans Choose Cremation

A new study by LifeWay Research reflects the widespread acceptance of cremation in the United States and a growing desire for cremation over burial.

These are the results of LifeWay’s survey of more than 1,000 Americans:

  • 4 in 10 Americans (41 percent) agreed with this statement: “I plan to have my body cremated when I die.” 30 percent disagreed, while 20 percent were unsure.
  • 6 in 10 Americans (58 percent) disagreed with this statement: “If someone’s body is cremated, there is no way for them to be resurrected into heaven.” Only 8 percent agreed, and 20 percent were unsure.
  • 7 in 10 Americans (71 percent) disagreed with this statement: “I believe it is wrong to cremate a body after someone dies.” Only 14 percent agreed.
  • The survey also found that those who disagreed with cremation tended to self-identify as born-again, fundamentalist, or evangelical Christians. Conducted in September 2013, the study polled 1,036 American adults, with responses weighted by age, region, ethnicity, gender, and income.

    LifeWay’s study reflects the growing trend of cremations across the country and closely aligns with statistics from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), which found that 4 in 9 Americans (43.5 percent) were cremated in 2012.

    The prevalence of cremation is expected to grow, as fewer people are remaining in the same place (and thus, would rather not opt for burial), and more people are seeking to lower the cost of end-of-life services.

Cremation Trends: Pet Cremation

Anne-Marie: Will I ever see you again?
Charlie: Sure. Sure you will. You know goodbyes aren’t forever.
Anne-Marie: Well then, goodbye, Charlie. I love you.
Charlie: Yeah, uh. I love you too.

Charlie is not just a dog. He’s a family member. Pet owners form a special bond with their pets over the years, one that fills them with joy and, as the above lines from the animated film All Dogs Go To Heaven illustrate, heartbreaking sadness when their pets pass.

Mourning for our pets is not new, but interest in pet funerals and cremations has grown over time. As cremation is continuing to grow in popularity worldwide, pet cremation has become just as desirable.

Make Sure You Select the Right San Jose Cremation Provider

Dealing with end-of-life planning is difficult even under the best of circumstances, and San Jose cremation planning can turn into a nightmare if you choose the wrong cremation provider. A look at San Jose cremation reviews demonstrates what can go wrong, and highlights the things to consider when you select a cremation provider.

Don’t just look for the most affordable San Jose cremation provider. Think about what you’ll be dealing with when you need to utilize the cremation services, and select a cremation provider your family can work with to give your loved one a dignified and respectful farewell.

Find a San Jose Cremation Provider with Compassionate, Respectful Staff

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re selecting a San Jose cremation provider is the staff. You’ll have to work with the staff throughout the cremation process. Grieving individuals are sad, stressed, and emotionally raw, and it’s important to find compassionate staff with the right disposition to help distressed family members through the cremation process. If your interactions with the cremation provider are punctuated by rude, brusque, or uncaring staff, you’ll have a supremely unpleasant experience, marring your loved one’s final farewell.

The right staff at a cremation provider can make a world of difference. Being greeted by sincere, compassionate individuals is a soothing balm to a grieving family. Having an experienced professional walk you through the San Jose cremation process simplifies the cremation logistics and helps reduce stress during this difficult time. A respectful, dignified farewell helps with closure, and makes the final farewell easier to bear. Look for a cremation provider whose staff is pleasant to work with – you’ll be glad you did when you’re deep in the cremation planning process.

Select a Trusted Cremation Provider

Some absolutely horrific stories have been heading the cremation news headlines lately, including tales of remains getting switched, being stored improperly, or getting lost and never making their way back to the families. One family recently planned a cremation with a viewing, but arrived for the viewing only to find that the cremation had been completed two days previously. You cannot underestimate the importance of selecting a trustworthy cremation provider. The potential consequences of working with a low-cost San Jose cremation provider that isn’t as reputable as an established moderately priced provider far outweighs any cost savings. Make sure you select a trusted cremation provider to see your loved one through the cremation process.

Choosing the right San Jose cremation provider is a critical component in the end-of-life planning process. Choose a cremation provider whose staff is compassionate and respectful, or a difficult loss could turn into a nightmare. Additionally, make sure you select a trusted cremation provider in order to ensure the safe handling of your loved one. A little attention to detail goes a long way in the San Jose cremation process.

Nashville: How to Tell Your Family that You’ve Chosen a Cremation

Choosing a Nashville cremation gives you an affordable, flexible, easy-to-arrange end-of-life option. Once you’ve chosen cremation, though, how do you tell your family? Pre-planning your Nashville cremation gives you an excellent starting point for telling your family, and makes it easier for your family to honor your wishes. These tips help you prepare for the difficult conversation with your family, and, at the same time, guide you as you make your end-of-life decisions:

Pre-Plan Your Nashville Cremation

Pre-planning your Nashville cremation is the best thing you can do in terms of conveying your wishes to your family. When you pre-plan your cremation, you’re basically handing your family a road map to honor your wishes to the letter. You save your family from making difficult decisions during their time of loss, and eliminate any ambiguity about what you want.

Preneed cremation planning also gives you the ability to control costs; pre-pay for your cremation to lock in today’s affordable cremation prices and save your family money. Start the process of conveying your wishes to your family by pre-planning your Nashville cremation with a trusted cremation provider.

Choosing a Dallas Cremation Gives You Freedom and Flexibility 

End-of-life planning for a traditional funeral and interment is difficult under the best of circumstances, requiring:

  • Gathering family and friends together.
  • Coordinating funeral and burial arrangements in Dallas.
  • Covering the cost of a Dallas funeral and burial.

All represent serious obstacles. Planning a Dallas cremation, alternatively, affords more flexibility, letting families choose when and where the service takes place and allowing more creativity in end-of-life arrangements.

A Dallas Cremation is More Flexible than Burial

A Dallas cremation is the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to end-of-life planning. Selecting a Dallas cremation allows families to have the cremation right away and plan the service for a time and place of their choosing. This gives loved ones the .time they need to make a proper farewell 

Why Choose Cremation in Houston

On a national scale, around 40% of people choose cremation for their end-of-life arrangements. In some states, the number who choose cremation is more than 70%! With cremation growing in popularity, more and more people are wondering about the benefits of cremation. Why are so many people choosing cremation in Houston today instead of traditional burial?

Cremation is Affordable

More people choose cremation today because it is an affordable end-of-life option. When you compare cremation costs to burial costs, cremation is typically a fraction of the cost of burial. Burial and a funeral easily surpass the $10,000 range, while an affordable direct cremation can cost under $1,000 with the right provider. Families who are planning services on a budget often turn to cremation, so they can focus their financial resources on a memorial or other expenses instead of paying for a costly burial.

Arranging a Cremation is Simple

When it comes to logistics, cremation is a simple process for a family compared to the details that go into planning a burial. A direct cremation involves minimal decision-making, and, with the right provider, most arrangements are made with a single phone call. Burial, on the other hand, involves making separate arrangements with a funeral home, a cemetery, and related providers, and it also requires you to make decisions about caskets, burial vaults, plot location, and other burial details. For a grieving family, making elaborate arrangements and myriad decisions is extremely stressful.

Overview of Nashville Cremation Costs

The number of Nashville cremations is going up as cremation becomes a more popular option around the country. The national cremation rate is over 40%, and even higher in some parts of the country. One reason for the rise in cremation is the relatively low cost of a Nashville cremation when compared to traditional burial. When planning your Nashville cremation, it helps to know what cremation costs to expect, and where you can compromise to save money.

Nashville Cremation Services You Can’t Avoid

When planning a Nashville cremation, there are some services you simply can’t avoid:

  • Cremation itself: A crematory charges a flat cremation fee, regardless of the other options you select, so there isn’t much wiggle-room for price on this service.
  • Professional fees: A Nashville crematory charges a professional fee that may be rolled into the price of a cremation package. The professional fee covers the time that the staff spends setting up the cremation, including filing paperwork and managing logistics.
  • Cremation permit fees: All Nashville cremations require a $25 state cremation permit. Some cremation providers charge a fee for filing or preparing the permit – particularly if they don’t list a professional fee in their charges.
  • Transportation: Many cremation providers charge a flat rate for transporting the remains within a specific service area, and a per-mile fee for anything outside of the service area. This is the cost to transport the remains to the cremation facility.
  • Storing the remains: If the cremation can’t proceed immediately, the crematory charges a fee for storing or refrigerating the remains.

These are services that are inherent in the cremation process, so you can’t expect to eliminate them. The pricing of these services is rarely the deciding factor.

Nashville Cremation Fees for Optional Services and Items

The most significant opportunity for saving on Nashville cremation costs is with optional services and items. Basic fees typically aren’t up for negotiation, but you may be able to bypass or negotiate fees for:

  • Urn: Ask about other options, or buy your own urn for the remains.
  • Cremation container: Some cremation providers require a cremation container. Ask for a more affordable cremation container option. It may be possible to reduce costs by selecting a more basic cremation container.

By negotiating fees for the urn or cremation container, or providing your own urn, you save anywhere from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars off your Nashville cremation price.