Cremation urns and memorial keepsakes are important elements of the cremation process. Pre-planning enables individuals to browse urns for cremation and memorial keepsakes, and determine what they would like to do with their remains. When families are left to select funeral urns or other keepsake options, they may wonder which is the best choice for interring cremated remains.

Keepsake Urns and Cremation Urns
Funeral urns are the most common vessel used to store cremated remains. Funeral urns may be simple or ornate, depending on their purpose and the long-term wishes of the individual or family. Simple cremation urns may be designed to last just long enough to transport the remains to a scattering destination. These urns may be biodegradable and designed to return the remains to the earth, or they may be intended for disposal after the ashes are scattered.

More permanent funeral urns are typically made of granite, marble or other lasting materials, and may be integrated into other types of memorial settings. Keepsake urns are often highly decorative, made of fine materials, and may incorporate some detail that would have been significant to the deceased in life.

Other Cremation Memorial Keepsakes
Urns for cremation aren’t the only way to inter cremated remains. With cremation growing in popularity, providers are springing up to provide alternate methods of memorializing cremated remains. Common memorial keepsakes include cremation jewelry, pottery, candles and other types of keepsake items.

Is a cremation memorial keepsake the best choice for a deceased family member? Or would a keepsake urn or funeral urn better memorialize the deceased?